‘the garden is a form of autobiography’

Sydney Eddison

Lockdown Postcard exchange

In 2019 I embarked on a project with artist friend Maggie Brown to record natures progress from our own respective gardens. The plan was to make records of what we noticed on a weekly basis. We chose the postcard format to make little artworks with notes about our observations during the week. We would then send these to each other for comparisons.

It was a time when the sights and sounds in the garden became more heightened, as the effects of lockdown meant that I was able to spend time closely observing the activity taking place around me. I became aware of what nature was revealing through the unfolding seasons. Bird song was more evident. I became obsessed with recording and noting the habits of the bees, butterflies and learning the names of the various bumble bees.

I made photographic records of the creepy crawlies in the pond, the weeds, wildflowers and fungi. I noted the variety of birds and nesting sites. I observed the stages of newly laid eggs through to the comical bald fledglings, who eventually left the safety and warmth of their nests to lead independent lives.

It was a joy to spend the year making these postcards. Maggie and I were able to share our mutual love and excitement as we made new discoveries in our gardens. More time to observe daily what was happening in our midst, proved to be healing and rewarding.

The postcards are testament to the miracles of nature.

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