pippa sibert

art and nature

home and love

These are the pillars which support and inspire my creative enquiry. Love prompts our ability to imagine and, when we are given the space to imagine we make a home.

Certain places can be familiar to us, even when we know we have never seen them before. Such glimmers of recognition can penetrate the heart deeply, evoking what John Berger once described as ‘the gasp of home.’

My practise explores moments of encounter. Through painting, collage, found objects, book works, print and textiles I weave, and part conceal traces of memory of my experiences with the mundane and the beautiful, with the bird songs, plants and trees.

Pippa Sibert, Artist

where is home?

My early childhood was spent in Africa and the significance of seeing the returning swallows to my garden in Wales has become a potent symbol of what it means to arrive home. There is extraordinary significance attached to nests and for me it has become a powerful image of home and love.

Pippa Sibert Africa